New website on its way, new releases + free DIY tourbooking?

We are currently working on a new website!

Our new website address is already running and points to this very spot, so update your bookmarks with that link and the new site will be up and going soon enough!

Not to mention we are releasing US acoustic folkers Paper Forests album “The Pride and the Parliament” to support the RNC Legal fund very soon so keep your ears to the ground!

Want to book a tour in the UK without being forced to pay dosh to a tour booker just for sending a fucking email?

We are hoping to compile a free to download contact list with an ever increasing mass of promoters and venues so that you can book your own tours. (More info coming soon) Contact us if you are interested in helping out with booking or need gigs in the UK.

Thats all for the time being,

Keep on fighting,

Chris (A)


The UK’s first free to download donation based record label! DIY as fuck!

From what we can tell we are the first and currently the only UK donation based record label. If we are wrong please piss on our BBQ.

The US has the awesome Quote Unquote Records which is a delightful fuck you to the mainstream music industry, after all their label is run by the legendary Bomb the music industry

The fact is being signed to a major label is cool, but putting your own stuff out DIY stylee is always way cooler (in our book anyway).

You don’t a nice venue and champaigne to launch an album. We want a house or squat some place  playing good tunes, good friends and shitloads of strong cider.

You want people to hear your music, don’t wait around for others to do what you can be doing yourself!

Keep on fighting,

Chris (A)

Free Sean Kirtley compilation release.

Our friend Sean Kirtley was imprisoned last year under the serious organised crime and police act after apparently organising legal protests against Sequani Limited (an animal testing lab in Ledbury, UK).  After one of the longest animal rights trials in history out of thirteen total defendants he was imprisoned for 4.5 years by a judge who was a self confessed “keen huntsman, fisherman and smallholder”.  We are producing our first free to download compilation album with 20 tracks of punk, crust, antifolk, anarcho and dub to raise awareness of his situation and the fight against SOCPA. 

If you want to get involved check out our join us page!

Solidarity and respect,